Revisiting Five Popular Diets

People all over the world have recognized and patronized five major known diets. Regardless of gender, individuals have endeavored to shed off pounds and become fitter every year. The current issue when it comes to diet is the increasing number of diet that leads to confusion as to which actually work. To help you decide on which diet to take, here’s a glimpse on the five major diet trends.

Atkins Diet makes it among the five popular diets. The diet involves high amounts of proteins with minimal intake of carbohydrates. Such diet is said to control insulin levels in the blood stream. Carbohydrates make the rising and falling of insulin go too fast that slows down the burning of stored fats in the body.

Another current diet fad is Weight Watchers. Despite coming into existence for decades, it remains a well-known and favorite program particularly these days as people are starting to get more interested with this diet. It involves dieting and exercise but it emphasizes more on giving the one who get into the program with a great support network of people who are also into the program. Currently, this program is achieved online.

The Zone makes it also in the list. Such diet fad mainly focuses on strictly controlling the insulin levels. But unlike Atkins Program, it does not limit the consumption of carbohydrates. It recognizes the benefit of unrefined carbohydrates, healthy fats and oils like olive oil in ones diet.

The South Beach Diet came into existence out of the discontentment of a cardiologist in the ’90s on the meal recommendations set by the American Heart Association. The AHA stick with a diet recommended that includes a very minimal intake of fats but is compensated by calories with excessive amounts of carbohydrates. This diet emphasizes in alter such notion in dieting instead it came up with meal plans that contain low amounts of refined carbohydrates but still involved the moderate intake of healthy fats.

The latest among the five is the Raw Food Diet. As the term implies, this diet focuses on how unprocessed and uncooked foods should make the most of your diet. Raw Food Diet suggests that your daily diet should at least be made up of three fourth uncooked and particularly those that are of organic sources. Most people who adhere to this diet are consisting of vegetarians or vegans who abstain in consuming animal products or byproducts because they are the ones who can follow conditions involved. Sticking with the plan follows eliminating a great amount of saturated fat content.

Each of the said diets comes with advantages and drawbacks. Many dieters have testified of its effective

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